Community Education Group (CEG) is excited to help community serving organizations across the U.S. expand their public health outreach/HIV prevention programming by assisting in creating opportunities for HIV self-testing (HIV ST). CEG will help CSOs develop capacity to reach populations in communities that are most affected by HIV with HIV ST opportunities. CEG will do this first by helping applicant organizations determine their needs with respect to identifying and reaching populations at risk of HIV. Additionally, CEG will offer capacity-building opportunities via webinars, in-person assistance, videoconferencing, video-training, guidance documents, promising practices, and/or subject matter expertise. Our goal is to collaborate with community serving organizations to distribute OraQuick HIV self-tests to persons who need them most, in the most efficient manner possible. And, distribute the units in a way that helps uptake of HIV ST become a core part of an organization’s HIV prevention programming. CEG thanks our partners in advance for joining us in this important public health initiative. The grants were awarded through a competitive process and are funded by the CDC Foundation. Additionally, federal funding for this effort is made possible primarily through cooperative agreement 6 NU38OT000288-04-02 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) totaling $9,000,000.00 with 100 percent funding from CDC/HHS.

Project Partners

Many community-serving organizations (CSOs) have signed on as Enhancing Community Capacity to Support HIV Self-Testing (Community Capacity) partners. Each CSO brings local expertise to the table that can be translated into broad reach and strong impact in their communities most affected by HIV. CSOs that have signed on thus far are listed below, and more will be added as they join the Community Capacity Project.

How To Order Your Test Kits

Before you order your test kits, we ask you to complete the Needs Assessment and Technical Assistance Survey. After you complete this survey, you will be redirected back this page where you can order your test kits. Please, click here to complete the Needs Assessment and Technical Assistance Survey:  Also, at any time if you desire any technical assistance, please click here to complete the Technical Assistance Form (; or, feel free to send an email to our project inbox at:

Partner Resources 

To assist your HIV self-test kits distribution efforts, as well as your work in other areas of HIV prevention and treatment, we’ve created a set of resources on a wide range of topics. Click here to visit our resource page: https:/